Getting Started

Getting your Centre set up with Kidsbook is easy. Follow the four steps below and you will be ready to go. If there is something we have not covered please drop us a line to help you out.


Step One: Add a room:

Get started by setting up your Center rooms. Each child will be placed in a room so we need to set this up first. If you don't have a room name give it the name of your Centre.
    • Navigate to Settings - Rooms
    • Select Add room
    • Enter the name of the room, number of kids and to and from dates.
    • Press update

Step two: Add a teacher

Add the name of your teachers and upload a photo of them. Enter their name and upload a photo of them. This brings some personality to your entries and puts a face to the stories. Press the 'Send Invite' to the teacher. This will send them an email, inviting them to sign up for the software.

Step three: Add a child and invite a parent:

Time to get started. Invite a parent to the new software and start collaborating, sharing pictures and videos. Select Parent/Child Click the Add Parent/Child Button Add a child portoflio or diary entry: Add a child portofilio is easy. From the main menu select Centre info - portoflio. Add your story and include images, video and documents to give it life. Use the outcomes