Kidsbook prides itself and easy to use, simple software. We are always available to help by phone or email too so please don't be shy to ask us a question.

Below we have covered the most frequently asked questions our users have contacted us about. We realise its not an exhaustive list but hope it will give you some guidance.

Kidsbook can be used as a portal for parents to login to view the development of their child. The parent's portal are secure so requires parents to login and view only data related to thier child. In that way you can view Kidsbook as your very own portal website.
The one click-reporting is the easiest way to inform parents what their child’s has been up to anywhere on the market. Simply create your own reporting criteria e.g Lunch and then measurements you want to report on. E.g. No, small, medium and large. All the children will appear in list. Simply select the option beside the name for lunch. This method is four times quicker than normal reporting while providing detailed information for the parent.
Of course. You can contact us through the contact form. We will be glad to set up a meeting.
We do this for you. At no extra charge like other online child diary software.
The child portfolio documents the childs development through the centre through all the stages, rooms and teachers the child interacts with.

Can parents comment on the portfolio?

Absolutely! The portfolio also encourages parents to contribute to the child's story by uploading pictures and images of their activates.

Are their outcomes attached to the portfolio?

Yes. You can add as many outcomes to the portfolio as you like. These will act as a guide to cut and paste them into the childs post or simply use it as an inspiration when writing about them.
We do not get delete child records. If you want to take the child out of the system you simply archive the child. You can still view records of the child at any time.
Of course. Videos and pictures are now part of life and with the ease of smartphones, it is so much fun. We encourage parents to upload their images also to be part of the process.