Everyone's in the loop

Send automatic emails to Parents about the child's activities. KidsBook keeps everyone informed allows staff to quickly report on detailed activities four times quicker then normal normal reporting methods.

Assign learning outcomes

Select predetermined learning outcomes to your reports. Kidsbook allows you to quickly select and edit with your preferred framework. Customise the curriculum to suit your needs or simply create your own. Outcomes are simple with Kidsbook.

One-click activity report

Our one-click activity reporting allows you to create individual child reports in seconds. Set up predetermined criteria on what you wish to report. Our unique one-click activity report saves educators hours in their week.

Kids Book Features

Automated Emails to Parents & Guardians

Share the information you need to through emails that can go out to all of your parents and guardians or to select groups of them.

Upload videos and images

Kidsbook allows educators to upload images and video to give parents a a rich interactive experience.

One-Click Data Entry

Keep your centre staff with the kids instead of filling in reports. Staff can quickly update the Daily Diary by selecting from a list of child activity category boxes to enter data easily and efficiently.

Data Downloading

To manage your business, you need to be able to use the data you collect, whether addresses and phone numbers, or notes on the families who use your centre.


Our system is flexible, safe and secure. You can allow your staff members to have different access to different capabilities within CareShare

Create more time

Our unique one touch reporting saves educators hours every week.

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