Focus on what matters

Communication made easy

Free on-boarding.


Simple and beautiful. Create diaries and portfolios that show the precious moments.


Automated, quick and simple. Create diaries with photo’s and stories using simple software.

No Matter What

Everyone’s in the loop

Kidsbook is build for fast and automated content delivery. Our software makes it easy for Educators to oversee all content, mass publish and review how the parents are interacting with your stories.

Predetermined child lists. Associated teachers. One touch reporting. Quick learning outcomes selection. We work hard to make your life easier.

Seriously, take a peek
Digital Diaries
  • Pre-loaded child list
  • Custom activity builder
  • Images and videos
  • Rapid on touch reporting
  • Parent usage reports
  • Automated room emails
  • Updated with child
  • Instant app notification
  • Secure email server
  • See who is opening emails
  • Portfolio workflows
  • Tagging of content
  • Duplicate stories
  • Mass publish and reporting
  • Use diary content
Parents Involvment
  • Parents App
  • Invite family members
  • Add comments
  • Detailed activity reporting
  • Update details

It’s time you regained
control over your message

Review all the interactions and information you send your parents.Make sure what the center is sending out is what you want, in the manner you want it and in the time that suits your standards.

Have statics at your fingertips ready to go. Kidsbook gives you visibility like no other child care application.

Capture It All

KIDS BOOK provides Child Care Centres with their own website portal, allowing them to connect and share the child's development with their parents.

Automate tasks

Take away the repetitive tasks and what have you got? More time to focus on what matters.

Gain insights

See what your parents are viewing and when. Gain insights into what is getting traction. Oversee your content to make better decisions.

Make it your own

We all have our own ways to raise our little ones. Kidsbook adapts to you with custom reporting and content creation.

See it on any device

View Kidsbook across all devices including Apple, Android, and the Web. Kidsbook goes where you are.

Choose your weapon. Kidsbook has you covered.

The Thelma and Louise of Child care

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